2008 Chinese wallpaper
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    "2008 Chinese wallpaper, plastic products market research report" Introduction:

  The rapid development of macroeconomic and new construction in rural and urban construction process forward, pulling a plastic wallpaper China"s brisk market demand. Chinese wallpaper for plastic production enterprises bigger and stronger to provide a good market environment. With the acceleration of economic globalization, as the largest producer of plastic wallpaper of China, the world"s largest trade organization of their due status, the Chinese ceramic industry actively participate in international division of labour, expanding economic development space and changed by the strong The goal of bringing opportunity. However, because there plastic wallpaper industry enterprises small in scale, backward technology, poor management of the issue in international competition facing many threats. Therefore, China"s plastics industry is wallpaper both opportunities and challenges.

  In recent years, benefited from rapid economic and social development and social investment in fixed assets increased, the construction industry in China has maintained sustained, rapid, coordinated development, in the face of competition and market changes and challenges, "2008 Chinese wallpaper, plastic products market research report" , The following will help the Government, industry players, investors and other intermediary agencies in China more accurately grasp the pulse of plastic wallpaper development of the industry, a deeper understanding of China"s plastics industry wallpaper competitiveness, in order to help the government promote better work, Region and better development of the local economy, manufacturers better development and expansion of its own, investors better understand the field of plastic wallpaper, seize investment opportunities.

  The report data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the State Council Development Research Center, the General Administration of Customs, China Association of Building Materials such as authority, the full text of a strict, detailed and accurate data, intuitive charts in 2007 on China"s plastic wallpaper industry as a whole operation carried out Looking back on the basis of 2007 focused on China"s plastic wallpaper market and its market segments, market development of relevant industries, the plastic wallpaper industry through the development of the status quo and development trend of the description and analysis that China"s plastics industry new wallpaper The development of the situation. The integration of a number of authoritative data resources and the expert resources, to extract data from many a precise, real valuable intelligence, combined with the industry in which the environment, from theory to practice, such as macro and micro perspective Conduct research and analysis to enable it to reach conclusions and forward-looking perspective, practicality and feasibility of unification. Wallpaper is plastic manufacturing enterprises and plans to invest plastic wallpaper industry investment institutions to comprehensively grasp the development trend of industry, accurate understanding of the operation of the market situation, correctly formulate competitive strategies and investment strategies of the important reference materials.

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