High-frequency automatic mach
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    The introduction of labour laws, increased labor costs, which the SMEs, is to face greater challenges, to that end, I spend lots of money companies spent to develop a high-frequency automatic machines, to help SMEs in labour-saving Costs and enhance market competitiveness. Specific
operations are as follows:
1, the heating time for the relay cylinder work under skateboarding trip to the delay time. At the same time, but also delay the left and right following the weld time, clips and skateboards to work closely with pressure only when high-frequency welding (if not closely skateboards and clips of pressure and a high-frequency welding easier when there tinder , And other phenomena. Relay time necessary to adjust the heating time, the heating time longer relay).
2, left and right weld time relay for the high-frequency welding time. The different parts can properly adjust the left and right time to dissolve the relay time. This work-around machines may require the production of different products;
3, cooling time for the relay products stereotypes cooling time, may need to properly adjust the product;
4, by the time the relay for the release of the cylinder on the itinerary, based products require appropriate adjustments;
5, from the time delay for delay relays from around skateboards, (under normal working conditions delayed launch time relay to adjust the time necessary to increase the release time is less than or machine does not work);
6, around the time delay for delay into skateboarding around the time (around in the case of automatic-only role, plays a delayed discharge of the time).
This has greatly enhanced the old machines for the high-frequency efficiency, automated operation more labor-saving, thereby reducing labor costs to achieve the objective.
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