88IP in the operation
Time[2003-1-9]    NO.[2489]Read
    Since the 88 IP since the official release, whether registered customers of the site visits also are a record company, which for 88 IP team of all partners, this is for them a few months to overcome the difficulties, efforts to unite the most Good recognition, customer support, is certainly, but also placed greater expectations, 88 IP in progress every day, every day is a new beginning, in order to repay better customer support, 88 IP services in the near future and There will be some new content dedicated to everyone: To make a more stable background, three additional servers. To be able to better provide technical support, a comprehensive update site, updated the site in accordance with humane, functional. To tie in with the pan-88 IP domain analytical function, introduced E-mail supporting services. In order for the environment in different users can enjoy 88 IP services, launched Linux, UNIX, LAN version. Please support and care for 88 IP friends, to more valuable advice, 88 IP If you bring the convenience, it is our pride, you and your friends to share, if there are any problems, it is our responsibility, please Must tell us.