Time[2003-1-9]    NO.[2738]Read
    Today, China"s mainland registered the domain name but more than 70 total 10,000, but the number of enterprises owned by it on up to 10 million, indicating domain name business has great room for growth, need to open up. In order to meet the arrival of domain names with the WTO will also have five great development opportunity. 1, the domain name transactions increasingly prosperous. At present, China"s domain name market is still immature, and disorderly management, small business, low turnover. With the enthusiasm of enterprises registered the domain name outbreak, will attract people"s attention, and tap those with actual use of the domain name, and strive to be transformed into market value. 2, domain name registration of the structure will change. For a long time, not because of the domestic domain of illegal groups open registration, the registration number has always lagged behind the international domain, waste a lot of market resources. This year China will achieve the individual and opening up the domestic domain name registration. Those who have already lost. COM domain name registration advantage of the fans, will invest eyes on. CN, attracted a new wave of registration. 3, the domain name system tend to charge prices of a scientific and rational. Once the domain of domestic service providers the proceeds can be secured, it can also be like their counterparts abroad, to establish a large-scale CallCenter, but the practical application of expensive CRM software, customer service agents equipped with adequate staff, scientific, standardized Business processes to provide users with reliable and be assured of a quality service. 4, the development of broadband community will indirectly promote the growth of domain name registration. The increase in broadband community will create a personal website to provide the technical facilities, network enthusiasts who will be more willing to have their own PC as a virtual host server rather than to create a site of the re-registration of domain names inspire personal conduct. 5, the next few years IPV6 technology applications will greatly promote the extension of domain name business. IPV6 technological breakthrough because the IP address capacity constraints, the Internet world will become an unprecedented exciting. In the near future, along with the popularity of mobile Internet and the availability of information appliances, mobile phones, color TV, refrigerator and even watches can be assigned to an IP address, so they are connected to the Internet, and visit. The expansion of domain names of objects, is bound to promote the total registered, "geometry-class" growth. Faced with these trends, the domestic domain name service providers are you prepared .