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    In the April 26 "World Intellectual Property Day" approaches, in order to better promote China"s software intellectual property protection, China Software Alliance held today in Beijing the publicity, study and implement the "Regulations on Protection of Computer Software" seminar. The leadership of the State Copyright Bureau and software experts, media representatives attended the seminar. The participants pointed out that from January 1 this year in China since the formal implementation of the revised "Regulations on Protection of Computer Software", according to China"s WTO rules, strengthen intellectual property protection software, and promote China"s software industry and information technology will play the national economy Important role. The view was expressed that, in addition to strengthening the building of laws and regulations, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of copyright piracy to increase public awareness of intellectual property rights is essential. If the public awareness of intellectual property rights is not strong, not only easy to make people ignore the value of knowledge, but also objectively contributed to various forms of violations. It was also the end users of pirated software liability issue, "Computer Software Protection Regulations" level of protection, and other issues of concern to the public the discussion. This year"s April 26 is the second "World Intellectual Property Day." According to China and Algeria in 1999, the sponsors, the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2000, held members of the 35th session of the General Assembly adopted resolutions and decisions from 2001 onwards, the annual April 26 as "World Intellectual Property Day" .